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A new web presence for you and your business.

A lex.ma domain is the best step your business or organization can take towards building a lasting web presence. Unlike other domain names, a .lex.ma works with your existing website! Besides providing you with a short and memorable domain to cement your spot on the Internet, a .lex.ma shows customers that you're secure, internet-friendly, and local.


Unlike a long and unwieldy .com, you can get the .lex.ma that uniquely suits your business. Since they're just for Lexington establishments, your dream domain is almost certainly available!


With zero technical setup on your end, your lex.ma domain works with your existing website. Give us a call, and we'll get it up and running in half an hour!


Since only verified Lexington businesses, residents, and organizations can get a lex.ma domain, Lexingtonians will immediately know that you're local.


With >99.9% uptime and HTTPS support, you never need to worry about your domain going offline.


From a featured directory listing to customers being able to remember your website, a lex.ma domain will drive thousands of new visits to your site.


With award-winning support, you can rest assured that any technical questions and concerns will be resolved in minutes.